The Bronx Steps Up
        An Urban Design Health Initiative
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The Bronx Steps Up is an urban design health initiative that takes the people of the Bronx to their streets and empowers them to live an active life while improving the stairs in their neighborhood.

In this initiative, the public staircases and their individual steps are the building blocks of the program. Located over a vast area, the Steps offer a unique opportunity to the inhabitants of the Borough. The Steps are an accessible and free outdoor resources that can become a source of urban pride.


Through a mobile app, TBSU intends to track the number of steps participants climb. This information will be used to both incentivize people to healthy physical activity and raise funds to renovate the Steps.

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Through this multi-pronged approach, TBSU will allow the borough to embrace its uniqueness and put its best foot forward. By linking Health improvement and Urban Design Renovations through The Steps, TBSU will create a cycle of hope and pride for the Bronx.